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4-Day Summer Swim Camps

How the Camp Works

JSOF offers Learn-to-Swim Camps in June and July once school is out for students 5 years and up.  Using our JSOF Swimming Level Approach , JSOF staff will run 3-4 groups in the same 30-minutes, with up to 5 students in a group. 

On the first day, the staff and supervisor will assess students to determine if they are a beginner swimmer (JSOF levels 1-3), intermediate swimmer (JSOF levels 4-5), or advanced swimmer (JSOF levels 6-9).  They will be given a level band to identify the swimming level they are working on.


When students return they will bring their level band and be placed with an instructor teaching that level.  At the end of each lesson students will be reassessed and if they passed the level, they will be given the next band level for future swim camp days.

How to Register

The cost of each 4-day registration is $59 per student, and the annual family registration fee is $25. All of the registration is through our online parent portal.  The sales office will not handle any of the swim camp registration. 


Once you make an account on our parent portal, you will search the program for 2018 Swim Camps.  Each camp will have up to 20 students per half hour with a 10-minute break between each camp.  You will select the time that fits your schedule and sign up as many students that meet the age qualification of 5 years old or older.  You can sign up for multiple swim camp weeks for multiple students.  

There are NO REFUNDS for any reason once the payment is made through our parent portal.  There are also NO camp date changes once the registration is received through the parent portal.  There are NO CREDITS for missed days.

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