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"Through guided instruction, every student can learn to swim on their own and enjoy the pleasure of swimming."

Jamie's School of Fish offers a variety of swimming class types for students to progress using JAMIE'S SWIM LEVEL APPROACH  . Whether in a group or private swimming lessons, our instructors are trained to move students through several swimming achievements until they become a fully independent swimmer.


If you are signing up for a seasonal session, all  of our lesson types are sold in packages of 8 classes.  The prices for these packages are listed with each lesson type below. 


We also have our continuous year-round classes in our indoor location. Enrollment in this program requires a start up fee at the monthly rate.  This same monthly rate will be charged at the beginning of the month thereafter until you notify the office that you want to stop classes. We have our calendar of classes posted to reflect the holidays and vacations for Thanksgiving break and Winter break when we will not have classes.


Click on one of the  CHECK AVAILABILITY LINKS below to take you to our scheduled classes for that TYPE OF CLASS. Keep in mind that some classes may need to be requested through our office if they cannot be found in your first search. You can also search by location for Clovis and Fresno in the FIND A CLASS drop down menu above. 


20 Minutes - 2 years and up

$358 Session Package

includes 8 lessons

$174 Monthly Rate

for year-round only

30 Minutes - available for adults

Call for prices and scheduling

Call office for students under 2 so we can placed with instructors who specialize with students 1 year

and older


30 Minutes - 3 years and up

2 students in a class or splitting a class

$288 Session Package

includes 8 lessons

$139 Monthly Rate

for year-round only


Each student is 15 minutes unless the group is a family or families consent to do the class together


30 Minutes - 6 -23 months

5 students in a class

$228 Session Package

includes 8 lessons

$114 Monthly Rate

for year-round only

Once students age up to 2 years old they will be offered a 20-minute private class or dropped from the baby and me 


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