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Jamie's Holistic Approach

Jamie and her staff of experienced instructors use a holistic approach to teach swimming, which is unique for the swim school industry.


Most learn-to-swim programs will place students in a level-based class and not introduce any other skills besides the ones covered for that skill level. This is why a student can remain in class working on the same skill until they are moved on to the next skill.  

Instead of placing students in skill levels and thus limiting their exposure to different swimming skills, students at JSOF are exposed to variety of skills at the same time, thus making learning to swim a more holistic approach.  JSOF instructors focus on 3 primary parts for swimming that need be taught for a student to gain independence: learning how to control breathing under water, learning how to balance in the water with floating and learning how to move through the water.  


In one JSOF lesson, students may work on managing their breathing underwater and then switch to learning how to maintain a back float position properly and then end by practicing kicking.  The goal for every lesson is to appropriately challenge the student so they can make progress in the different levels and eventually put all these foundational skills together to be able to swim on their own.

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