JSOF Swimming Level Approach

Jamie and her staff of experienced instructors have developed the JSOF LEVELS along with a unique SKILL SET for every level to bring a consistent approach to every swimming lesson. When you enroll with Jamie's School of Fish Swim School, you will have access to view your student's progress through the PARENT PORTAL to know which skills your student is ATTEMPTING, PROGRESSING on and has MASTERED.




We place students in group classes based on skills they have mastered.  LEVELS 1-3 are our beginning swimming skills, LEVELS 4-5 are our intermediate skills and LEVELS 6-9 are our advanced stroke skills. 


When a student starts a class, the instructor and supervisor will be doing an initial assessment to determine which skills the student can do comfortably and independently, earning 3 STARS for mastering each skill.  As students attempt, progress and master skills, STARS will be added to each skill and students will then master the LEVELS, which will be available to the parent to view from their PARENT PORTAL account.


JSOF instructors will be working on MULTIPLE LEVELS in every lesson along with our unique SAFE WALL RECOVERY APPROACH, where students learn how to return back to the wall if they fall in and how to get out of the pool safely.


Jamie has over 30 years of swim instructional experience and uses her own competitive swim experience and coaching to develop a swim program that is based on good swimming technique.